What is Mommylicious Juice?

Established in Thailand since 2014, Mommylicious Juice's tasty blend of juices are born from understanding that majority of new moms are unable to supply enough breastmilk for their babies.
By combining Thai local wisdom and modern convenience, a variety of easy to drink bottled and canned juices were created, which have now become the best helpers for all lactating moms.
Unlike pill supplements, the juices are easy to drink and you can have them with your meals and also for general hydration. Being all natural and completely free from added sugar and preservatives, they also help post-partum mothers recover quickly and avoid packing on the extra weight (on top of those you are already trying to lose!) It's no wonder that Mommylicious Juice is now well-known as the Thai no.1 effective lactation drinks for all nursing moms.

After winning the International Innovation Award in 2019, Mommylicious Juice have expanded into various other countries - Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, China and Philippines. And finally, it has reached the sunny shores of Singapore!

Mommylicious Juice Singapore
As mothers, we know what it's like to want to feed and nourish your baby with an abundance of the best breastmilk you have. However, many post-partum mothers are too stressed due to improper latching technique, insufficient rest and nutrition to be able to provide their baby with a full stomach to sleep soundly and grow healthily. There are too many supplements out in the market but they all seemed hard to consume in pill form and doesn't seem natural enough. Lactation bakes taste great but too much of them also tends to hinder any post-partum weight loss progress. Hence, when we discovered Mommylicious Juice, we were blown away by the results and how natural and tasty it is (without adding on additional weight), we decided it must be shared with all Singaporean breastfeeding moms! Hence, Mommylicious Juice was brought in to Singapore and we can't wait to help Singaporean breastfeeding mothers stay stress-free and thoroughly enjoy this wonderful bonding experience with their babies!