Ginger with Honey and Lime 180ml
Ginger with Honey and Lime 180ml

Ginger with Honey and Lime 180ml

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Our Award-Winning juices will give your milk supply the boost you need. 


Ginger with honey and lime concentrate

Made from fresh ginger with a special secret process exclusively to Mommylicious Juice. This drink is rich, gingery spicy and refreshing with hints of honey and zesty lime.

Ginger contains many beneficial properties for the body. The 'heat' from consuming Ginger helps burn body fat and also aids in the reduction of bloating. It relieves cold symptoms, as well as nausea and vomiting. Ginger is also known to help in the lowering of blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Regularly drinking ginger juice helps your body's fluids and digestive systems work better.

Those suitable for drinking ginger juice on a daily basis.

  • People with indigestion problems
  • People with a simple cold
  • New mothers with morning sickness
  • Mothers with milk production problems
  • Those who want to stimulate the metabolism of fat in the body

No added sugar, no preservatives - no nasties! 


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